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Have a story to tell? Our mailbox awaits your message. Whether it is a folk tale narrated by your grandmother or a photograph capturing a routine activity in a village, we would love to hear from you!

You can even point us towards a story. Heard of something unique? Or something mundane, yet integral to village life? We’re all ears. Breathtaking, humdrum, eye-opening, shocking, heart-warming, or simply a whole new perspective; our archive is never too full to close our doors to your contributions.

We are currently not looking for monetary donation but in many cases, accommodation is a challenge for our storytellers. Any help in accommodating our bards in the village during the course of documenting the story is welcome.

We remain committed to documenting as many stories from our rural areas as possible.

Guidelines for Contribution


Usually around 500-1000 words long, an article can flow even longer if the story itself demands it. The narrative does not have to take the form of newspaper reports and can be creative in the way it unfolds. However, it should clearly state the location, full names of the people involved, direct quotes and make use of the active voice as much as possible.
Each story is uploaded with relevant photographs. Please send in at least four, separately attached pictures per story. Full credits to the photographer are expected as well.

Every story is uploaded with relevant pictures. Please send in at least four pictures per story (attaching them separately). Mention full credits to the photographer as well.

Picture Story:

A thousand words? We believe your pictures can speak so much more. Visual stories (featuring a single photograph) have to be accompanied with captions not exceeding 50 words. Do not forget to mention complete location details and full names of the people involved.

Picture Series:

What’s better than a single brilliant photograph? Two of them. Shoot across your series of pictures on a particular theme with captions that do not exceeding 50 words.

A series of photographs on the handmade paper makers of Kalpi, Uttar Pradesh.


: Lend us your eyes, and we’ll watch your mind’s reel unfold. Video clips, video stories and documentaries of life in rural areas are welcome too. They can be short clips simply portraying life in rural areas.

A clip of a farmer practicing lift irrigation or a potter moulding a pot.

If you are adding music to the videos, please make sure the audio is relevant. For instance, a film about the Yakshagana dancers of Karnataka is best accompanied by the traditional music of Yakshagana performances. Refrain from blending in arbitrary music that, although may be appealing, will not contribute to the essence of your tale. Finally, do not forget to provide full credits to any work borrowed from external sources.

If you would like to share your story with us, mail content with your full name, a short biography about yourself and complete location details.

For example, Soumyajith Saha is a student of School of Communication, Manipal University residing in Guwahati, Assam.


Email: ruralindiaproject.micmanipal@gmail.com

You can also get in touch with:
Indranil Sarkar +91 7022 132 226
Prajwal Bhat +91 8095 128 685